Meet CC! Studio in 2008:

- 2-4 May:  Animecon Almelo
- 17 May: Art ID Amsterdam
- 7,8 June:  Comicfestival Haarlem
- 5 July:  Chibicon Utrecht
- 16 Aug: Comicevent Kampen
- 26-28 October: Abunai! convention Zwolle
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September 2009 - Celebration!

"Has it already been 5 years, since Cheesecake! studio was founded?!" everyone screamed. "YES! NOW BAKE ME SOMETHING FRESH!" the Boss yelled.

The result? A ballad in honour of the best and darkest of times that these last 5 years have been. It is the last of the swan songs celebrating the painful process in which blood, sweat and tears manage to produce a booklet just in time. How sticky the result may be, it will always be cheesy.

Birthday Cake will be launched next week at Zwolle's Abunai 2009 convention.

Avatar vs Naruto - Cheesecake! light 2

At the same time, We will release the second volume of the surprisingly succefull Cheesecake! Light series!

This time, Avatar fans and Naruto fans will face each other in a gentleman's stand-off, in order to decide once and for all which fanbase is the most annoying!

Once More with Feeling - Abunai! 2009

This year as well, Cheesecake studio assists the Abunai crew in bringing the annual booklet to the visitors of the Abunai! convention. Keep your eyes open for this free goodie!

Hi all and welcome to the official website of amateur dutch doujinshi group
Cheesecake! Studio.

Drawing both original and fanbased manga, we strive to bring a new and
refreshing taste to the Dutch doujinshi scene. Starting out in 2004 with our
annual pocket Okashi, we quickly expanded our menu with our new flavours
Apple volume 1&2 (shonen pocket) and Strawberry volume 1&2 (shojo pocket).

Our menu just keeps expanding! Check out our website on a regular basis! We
might have whipped something up to your taste ^__~!

Greetings from Cheesecake! HQ